Akshar Hanuman Dham About Gurudev

Friday, October 12, 2018

Give Me Faith and Fulfill Your Desire

Every one worry for fulfill own desire but mostly people fail to complate own desire. If you are one in these category and you want fulfill your all spititual desired then join me and give me faith I will do complate your all spiritual desired.

How does work ?

Just join me and chant mantra 45 minutes daily and gazing on my third eye . After starting mantra sadhana you will feel positive energy surrounding you. This energy day by day incresae in your mind ,. body and your surrounding .
If you continue doing this sadhana I complate your all wishes.

why are you waiting ? start sadhana today and go one step ahead for your desired.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Never Forget Me

Hi My Dear Saadak,
You know we are compound of five things. If any one thing unbalance from these five thing in the our body then body do unwanted behave. So we need balance all five thing in the body but this is very tuf. No one control all five things. If try then You can control only any four things.
You do not waste your time for control all five things. First you know all five thing name and its use of in your body and mind. How to affect these on your spiritual and physical life?
You need minimum 2 thing control. For controlling these thing just remember me in your mind. If you remember me and prayer for success then I give you success in your life.
If you forget me then I forget you.